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We’re recording a live album on the 14th of October and you can be part of it, wherever you are in the world!

August 2, 2016
A little over 10 years ago we were given a Tascam portastudio and an MXL condenser mic for our birthday and so spent the next couple of weeks in our bedroom (aka Pigsty Studios) making an album to sell when we went busking. That album was ‘My Own Two Feet’ which we spent hours printing booklets for, cutting them out by hand, burning discs on our dad’s computer, sticking labels on the CDs etc. The whole thing was truly home made – does anyone still own one of those?! The following year, we made a proper album in a proper studio (Modern World in Tetbury) printed by a proper manufacturer and ‘Better Than 6 Cakes’ was released in 2007. Two years later we went back to the old portastudio at home, this time with our very exciting BLUE bluebird mic for ‘Jupiter’s Corner’. Joe Rusby mixed that one for us and we loved what he did to our home recordings so much that we asked him to do the whole lot for our 2011 album, ‘From the Fields’ and also 2013’s ‘Over the Edge’. 3 years has passed since we’ve put out a duo album now – we’ve not been slack though, with a Cardboard Fox EP (2014) and full album (2016), plus Charlotte’s soon to be released album with fiddler- extraordinaire Kieran Towers – so a new one is probably overdue. There will be a studio one eventually, and we’re very excited about plans for that one so far, but to celebrate 10 years of playing together (publicly at least, it’s closer 20 really) and 10 years since our first CD, we’re doing something a little different and making a live album!
The venue we’re using is quite unique in that all their gigs are broadcast live (and for a few days after on demand) across the world via NetGig, which means that no matter where you live you can still watch! The video is in multi-camera angle HD too so it’s really good to watch. You can buy Netgig tickets here:

Hopefully you can come to the real thing though. The Convent is located just outside Stroud in Gloucestershire so not too far from a lot parts of England and Wales, plus it’s also a very nice hotel if you want to come but have a long way to travel. You can buy tickets to be in the live audience here (please clap really loudly, we want to hear you!):

This gig is going to be a retrospective and we want to include songs off all our past albums as well as some previously unrecorded things.You can help us decide which songs to play on the night by taking this very quick survey:
We can’t wait to hear your thoughts on material and to get relearning some of the old songs!
We’ll keep you posted on ordering your copy of the album – hopefully it should be available in time for Christmas.
Laura and Charlotte
10 years concert
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