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New Album: New Website!

July 4, 2013

Hello everyone and welcome to our new look website which Charlotte has made for us! It’s fairly similar to the old one aside from our attempt to be a little more up to date hence the twitter feed and recent article column. Hopefully everything should work as before, but please let us know if there’s a problem with anything.

We just got back from our fifth Glastonbury which was excellent as usual! Our particular highlights (apart from our lovely audiences!) were Kenny RogersChic featuring Nile RodgersFirst Aid KitBill Wyman’s Rhythm Kings, The Zac Brown Band, the £4 toastie van, the Dorset Blue Vinny van, Ryan from The Great British Bake-off‘s pizzas and of course the Rolling Stones. If you get the chance, have a watch of those you can on BBC iPlayer, and those you can’t, see if you can catch them live! Thanks to Tom Sweeney for this photo of us playing on the Cabaret Stage on Friday.


The new album is currently at the printers and we’ve just been told that it will arrive here on Tuesday 9th. The official release date for website sales and digital downloads is the 7th of October. We will have copies at some of our gigs before then and you can also pre-order your physical copy from the website now. We’re really proud of this album and firmly believe it’s our best yet. As with ‘From the Fields’, we went up to record with producer Joe Rusby and he has done a brilliant job again. ‘Over the Edge’ features 9 original songs, 1 traditional song and 2 original instrumentals. Between us we cover the acoustic guitar, mandolin, fiddle, banjo, dobro and vocal parts with John Breese has laid down some rock solid double bass parts throughout, Josh Clark set up a special drum kit which included a tea chest and a cushion then played the perfect percussion part on track two, Blair Dunlop sings some lovely harmonies, Angus Lyon contributes some beautiful piano and Tom Sweeney plays a great electric guitar solo with more bends than we thought possible!

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