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Happy New Year!

January 20, 2013

Since January is now well underway and ‘Merry Christmas’ no longer seems appropriate, we thought it was about time we updated our website with some news. So far this year, we have been busy getting started on a new album. As with ‘From the Fields’, we have enlisted the help of Joe Rusby to engineer and produce the album. We’re still thinking up a name for it, but we can tell you it will take the form of 12 tracks (9 original songs, 1 traditional song, and 2 original instrumentals) and features John Breese on double bass throughout. All our instrumental parts are recorded now and we’ll be going back into the studio at some point to do the vocals. We’ve been busy trying to understand Twitter a bit better and posted regular updates on there while we were recording using the hashtag #CarrivickSistersAlbum5. Our username is @Carrivicks if you want to follow us.

studioCAside from recording, we’re very excited to be updating our selection of promo photos soon and are really forward to a photoshoot with Jessica Augarde next month.

We’re constantly adding to our 2013 gig list so please do keep checking back. We have lots of exciting performances coming up including a tour with Blair Dunlop in the Spring.

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